Approach Realty LLC is proud to provide a full complement of commercial and residential real estate services to corporations, businesses, investors, government agencies, religious organizations, etc. 

Corporate Services

Based on a facility analysis, we help our clients select a property meeting location, space size, building size and type, amenities and budget requirements. We continue to work with companies to meet their strategic business needs.

Commercial Investment Services

 We provide investors with comprehensive financial information on properties such as CAP rate, expenses, rent roles and competitive market analysis. We will also provide investors with demographic and specifics on local developments impact the revenue potential of the building.

Disposition Services

 We assist our clients with sale of their real estate assets by properly pricing the asset and executing an effective marketing plan.

Commercial Leasing Services

We mimimize vacancy and time on the market by properly pricing and effective marketing of spaces available for lease. We provide tips to owners to make their properties attractive to potential tenants.

Residential Services

We provide a full complement of real estate services for buyers, sellers and renters of residential properties. For sellers and leasers, we have an effective marketing program which includes posting  properties in several listing databases, posting a sign with a sales flyer, canvassing the neighborhood, etc. For buyers/leasers, we will stream line the search process  by only showing homes which meet our client's specific search parameters. We will negotiate on our client's behalf  to get them into a home at a reasonable price.